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Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Colonel

Today was a get adjusted to Japan day for Francis and I. We decided to just wander around tokyo and pick random subway stops to exit and explore. It's so much more confusing than Europe, nothing here is intuitive, but we're starting to get the hang of it. There was a lot of walking done and I'm the only one that's super tired cuz I spend all day sitting on my butt at work while Francis spends all day standing up at Costco.

We did a lot of shopping and picture taking. We both bought some clothes and gifts for our friends. Japan kinda has this thing for gambling, we found this huge 6 story arcade and half the floors were dedicated to gambling machines. And this other building had about 600 gambling machines and almost all of them were taken. It was nuts, I wanted to try one out, but I couldn't understand what was going on for the life of me.

So there's kinda this weird thing going on here. Every once in a while we'll see a few people wearing the SARS masks while they're walking around. One lady at the airport went to go kiss her child, but she wouldn't take the mask off. It seems the ones who wear it are really paranoid of getting sick again. I even see couples walking together and one of them is wearing the mask, imagine walking along with your boyfriend or girlfriend and you can't kiss them because they have a mask on their face. It would be horrible to be with someone who is that paranoid. I don't understand why it's acceptable here.

The hostel we're staying at is huge there's 10 stories and like 20 cubbies on each floor. Almost everyone here speaks some sort of English so it's a nice break from the confusion outside. I walked into the shower room this morning and there was a fat hairy naked guy standing there drying himself off. It was really odd. There's also this really annoying British girl at our hostel and I want to punch her every time she opens her mouth. She keeps saying the word karaoke, but she says it in the most annoying high pitched voice, It sounds like Kay-Ray-Oh-Key, I think England has moved up to my number 2 spot of most hated countries.

Anyways, It seems whenever we go somewhere awesome we find the Colonel there. KFC has our backs here in Japan. He's some sort of good luck charm or something.

Here's to more of the Colonel


  • At 9:33 AM , Blogger joyful. said...

    so it's funny for me to read this after having lived in asia for almost 10 months. it's funny that you mention the masks. it's not strictly a japanese thing; people still wear masks all over asia, and very much in taiwan.

    the interesting thing is that sometimes it has to do with sars, but a lot of it stems from poor air quality. i can't speak for tokyo, but taiwan is heavily polluted, so people wear masks for their health. it's not good to breathe such dirty air all the time. also, people are a bit germaphobic here. if anyone gets a little sick, they're always pushing to see a doctor. several of my kids visit the doctor at least once a week. working at my school, i see kids walking in with masks all day long. it's very common to put a mask on if you're not feeling well, because they see it as the most effective way to keep everyone healthy. in a way, it makes sense. if kids wear masks, they don't sneeze or cough on each other!

    p.s. if you find KTV in japan (since that girl was talking about karaoke), DO IT! it's the best thing ever! the bigger the group, the better, too.

    p.s.s. don't hate on england.

  • At 11:43 AM , Blogger Stephanie said...

    Good to know everything is going well! It sounds fun, just wandering around all over the place. You better tell me about all your adventures when you get back. But please leave out the naked guy, for my sake.

    P.S.England's at number 2?

    What's your most hated?

  • At 5:49 PM , Blogger Rachel Ann said...

    Jean Eric. Gambling? Really. Shame on you for even wanting to try it. I guess we all know what your REAL fascination is with Japan...

    And I don't know about you, but I can't think of anything sexier than kissing my boyfriend through a mask. I'm really into paranoid guys.

    Did I ever tell you about the naked guy in my Parisian hostel?...

    Peace brother, I'm praying for you.


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