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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hookah Water

Hey everyone, so right now is my last 20 minutes at the hostel. We're about to head out to Kyoto to visit all of the old shrines and then we're off to Hiroshima to see the result of WWII.

Yesterday kinda sucked, we spent about 3-4 hours trying to figure out where to exchange our rail pass vouchers and then another 30 minutes to figure out how to use the above ground train. Because of that we tried to head to the Imperial Palace, but it was closed, then we tried to go to the Tokyo Museum of Art, but it was closed as well. We ended up going to Yokohama and just walking around. I guess Yokohama is where the car scene is at, so Francis was having joygasms every 10 seconds as a nice car drove by. I think 30% of his pictures so far are of cars he's seen.

We had an interesting experience at a restaurant yesterday. We had been walking around all day and we finally stopped to get some food and we were stoked when they brought out water. I don't know what they did to the water, but it tasted like the water at the bottom of my hookah. Francis thinks it might have been heated using coals, so it had that ashy cig taste, It might have been some sort of bitter tea water too. I don't know, but it sucked. We were very happy when they finally brought out coca-cola.

Anyways, all of you are in my prayers, I hope things are going well wherever you are!


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