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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

So we went to bar yesterday and I was the designated driver =), we walk in and black eyed peas is playing. I look over at the dj and it´s this like 50 year old lady with short red hair mixing music. She even had the headphones on one ear and everything, it was hilarious.

Things have been going good here, I just shed my skin from being burnt before I came here and now I´m getting a good tan going. It´s nice not being blinding white anymore.

I´ve kinda been getting homesick, or maybe I just need some change of scenery, but iono I miss everyone.

Just finished reading "Island". It was a good book, very deep and philisophical and it made me question my perception on a lot things, but it was a lot to take in. I´m gonna start reading "Diary" next. Chris mentioned a lot of great sounding books to me, but sadly I couldn´t find them at the bookstore before I left so I kinda just took some guesses, I can´t wait to read the books when I get back though.

So yeah, so far it´s been me, my cuz, his cuz and his cuz´s two friends. Five of us total, they´re all like big rugby players and they´re into sports and I´m not so I almost feel a bit left out, but it´s still chill and relaxing. Lots of beach and pool. I want to explore Spain more, but we´ll see.

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