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Friday, June 16, 2006

What do you call a Chinese guy that drives an airplane?

A pilot, you racist bastard!

So I went on a mission from hell today. For the past three days George and I have been trying to exchange our American Dollars into Euros. The most wanted currency in the world and no one in Spain wants to exchange. So I went on a hunt again today and the adventure bug kicked in and I ended up driving about 50 km to a city called Alicante where I am now.

It´s this nice downtown area where I´m about to go walk around, shop and what not and luckily I found a place to exchange my money, woo woo!

I´m super excited that I got to come here and I think this might be my favorite part of the trip so far. Two more days in Spain and I´m back to England.

I finished reading Diary in two days... Amazing book, I totally recommend it to everyone, very twisted and it talks a lot about the power of art. Very interesting, I loved it. So yeah read it if you get the chance. Chuck Palahniuk is an amazing writer, I´ve loved all his books so far and I think I´m gonna read Inivisble Monster when I get back to America.

Send me an email or myspace me if you guys are in the mood, woo woo


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