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Thursday, June 29, 2006

The driving here is ridiculous, lights don't matter, people just run them, lanes don't matter people are everywhere. Imagine a 8 lane highway where cars are just scattered everywhere.

My Aunt was saying it's rude to pass people on the right you should flash your lights and honk your horn until they move. George's friend says it's like magic, you just do that and you control their car, they just move for you, haha.

I like it here, I wish I could come here for vacation more often, it's fun being able to do whatever. I want to try to get my mom to come out here, we'll see though.

I passed by a battalion of troops today, it was ridiculous, we went into downtown beirut and there were so many soldiers, all prepped and ready for war. Some of them were in jeeps with mounted turrets, clips loaded and everything, just chillin at the gun ready to shoot if necessary. It was crazy, haha, we're going to an all night beach party soon, hopefully it'll be fun.


  • At 7:38 PM , Blogger akhalife said...

    We are glad you're having fun !
    Nothing major going on here, apart the excitement of reading you each time you post something.

    Car is done and back in its spot and surprise : it passed !!

    Big Hugs
    mom & Dad


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