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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Just got back from France and I just want to say that George and I conquered that beast of a country. I don't think I've ever walked that much in my life.

We saw the Louvre (lube), the Eiffel Tower (f'n Eiffel), the Arc De Triumph (Triumph), the Notre Dame (twin towers) and we walked down Champs d'e Ellyses (champs).

The subway system was so easy to manage. Take a color to a dot and you end up at a monument. Genius, we need to have one of those in L.A.

Lube was amazing, we saw the craziest statues I've ever seen and we saw the Venus De Milo and the Mona Lisa. We also saw Napolean's Apartments, he had a very small bed and a very nice gold room. The rest was a lot of pots and the same rug I swear my grandma has.

During this time I had a crepe.

Twin Towers wasn't bad, we didn't want to pay the catholic church to climb up them so we just walked around the middle, saw some cool stained glass and lots of candles.

F'n Eiffel was so tiring. We accidentally bought the wrong tickets and had to climb up the bastard. It was about 700 steps to the middle. Then we took the elevator the rest of the way up. We then had to climb back down from the middle. My legs were involuntarily shaking by the time I was done. The view was amazing though.

We then decided to go sleep for the night since we couldn't walk. We found the sketchiest hotel room for 40 euros, but decided we didn't want herpes and decided to go somewhere a tad bit nicer. This "nicer" place didn't have hot water, a running toilet and a sink that spat out water sporadically, but it was a place to sleep. I'm scared to think of what we would've encountered at the cheaper place.

We then woke up and went to conquer Triumph which resulted in more walking and climbing stairs. Triumph looks much nicer on the outside compared to the inside, but nonetheless we beat him and threw him to the curb.

After that we walked down Champs and just kinda looked around. It's pretty much the South Coast Plaza of France. We just killed a lot of time here going into shops and what not, very fun.

I then had a Pizza Souffle, it was delicious.

Then we hopped onto the Euro Star and came back to England.

France has been my favorite part of the trip so far. The food was great, the women were goddesses compared to England and Spain and being around so many tourists was pretty comforting.

So much fun, and tomorrow night I leave for Lebanon, the land of hookah, discounts and chillin.


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