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Monday, June 19, 2006

Woo woo, I'm back in England, George's uncle booked me a ticket on the wrong date so we got way held up at the airport and then our plane was delayed for 6 hours so we had a little camping pow wow in the terminal.

I finished reading Ishmael yesterday, another philisophical book, but I didn't like it as much as Island. I wasn't too impressed by the author's arguments and the whole philosophy was very western and he kinda sounded like a tree-hugger. I prefer eastern philosophy because it's a little more abstract and it fits better within a book in my opinion.

So Spain was really fun, my favorite day was when I went in to Alicante and just explored the city on my own. I really love big cities. I ended up wandering into a 16th century church that had an art exhibit with tons of old Christian art. It was amazing. I couldn't read the information they had up about each piece, but it was nice just to admire everything.

As for the people we went with, George was himself and I'm used to him, I didn't enjoy George's cousin Dan's company too much. He was a stereotypical macho man, kinda like some of California's frat boys, just not they type of person I would hang out with. His friends Andy and Chris were so much fun. Chris is a lawyer and he's super sarcastic and witty and Andy is very clever and quick and they would both always make fun of Dan and poke jabs at him, it was so fun.

So here's my Spain rundown:
-Driving was so much fun
-The city was amazing
-The sun didn't go down till 9 p.m. so I had lots of tanning time
-Very relaxing
-Andy and Chris were amazing
-Got through 3 books

-Didn't really go on too many adventures
-Dan was a downer
-Beach wasn't too nice
-No good looking girls

Interesting things
-I saw more soccer in those ten days, than I have in my whole life
-No one wants American Currency
-I've learned how Rugby is played and how to make Egg's in a Basket

Yup so now I'm in England for a couple days, we're going to London tomorrow to explore and then I'm off to France for a couple days then back to England =)



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