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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Oh Lebanon, the midway point of my trip

England was what England is, I`ve never really liked the place. Everyone there is so arrogant and patriotic, everything is old fashioned and I love technology so its annoying. Also, its ridiculously expensive, everything costs twice as much as it would in Cali.

The people there dont take care of themselves and everyone looks like hell and the way they talk is so ugly. It sounds nice in America, but when you actually go there its a disgusting language. So Im glad to be out.

This keyboard is so difficult, thats why I havent been using apostrophes. Im going to rewrite this line in the way I would normally type.

This keyboqrd is so difficult; thqts zhy I hqvenùt been using qpostrophes: Iù, going to rezrite this line the zqy I zould nor,qlly type:

Thats what I have to adapt to.


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