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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Portugal beat England today, which was amazing, but France also beat Brazil, which was a bitter-sweet end for me. I wanted Brazil to win the world cup, but I also had to side with France because I was born there. So I was with France during the game and I'm glad my team won, but I'm also sad Brazil lost.

I went to this private beach today, it was pretty funny cuz it was a pool overlooking the beach and that's what we swam in and all the lawn chair circled the pool. No one even bothered with the beach, lol.

I was thinking how crazy it would be to make a game where you're God. Think the sims, but the characters have the A.I. of real humans. They live and worship you if they choose and you can reveal yourself to whatever extent you desire. You can see and think everything they think and maybe even set up filters for juicy information. How nuts would that be.

One week left, then I'm back home, I'm getting a bit homesick now, so I'm glad it's coming, woo woo


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