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Monday, July 03, 2006

The sketchiest thing happened to me the other day. We went to this guy's house, a friend of george's friend. He had a nice place, but it was only one room of a house. The rest of the house was all trashy and dirty and the windows had no glass, no real doors, etc. The guy only owned that one room in the house.

I had to go to the bathroom, so I asked him where it was. He points me down this hall and says "it's over there, here take the gas mask". I was like what?, then he said yeah man trust me you don't want to go to the bathroom without the gas mask. He hands it to me and it's a full on gas mask, with oxygen filters and everything. I start heading towards the bathroom and it just gets dirtier as I walk down. I get to the bathroom and it's disgusting, I handle my business and go to wash my hands and no water comes out of the sink.

I was like screw it, I go back and they ask if I really needed the gas mask and I just told them I was too scared to take it off...


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