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Friday, June 30, 2006

I swear the f'n ref in the Argentina-Germany game just gave it to Germany, that bastard. If Germany wins the World Cup someone is going to die.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

The driving here is ridiculous, lights don't matter, people just run them, lanes don't matter people are everywhere. Imagine a 8 lane highway where cars are just scattered everywhere.

My Aunt was saying it's rude to pass people on the right you should flash your lights and honk your horn until they move. George's friend says it's like magic, you just do that and you control their car, they just move for you, haha.

I like it here, I wish I could come here for vacation more often, it's fun being able to do whatever. I want to try to get my mom to come out here, we'll see though.

I passed by a battalion of troops today, it was ridiculous, we went into downtown beirut and there were so many soldiers, all prepped and ready for war. Some of them were in jeeps with mounted turrets, clips loaded and everything, just chillin at the gun ready to shoot if necessary. It was crazy, haha, we're going to an all night beach party soon, hopefully it'll be fun.

Monday, June 26, 2006

The oxygen to smoke ratio in Lebanon is about 6 to 4, it's ridiculous, the people here smoke cigarettes like chimneys. They'll each go through one pack in about 2 hours.

Here's my theory called Adaptation of the Lungs in the Middle East. About 500 years ago when the turkish people invented hookah it changed the Middle East. As the fad grew and smoking became so popular those with weak lungs died off quickly and the ones with stronger lungs continued to live on. Natural Selection at it's prime. So, the Middle Eastern people have lungs so adapted to smoke that we rarely die of lung conditions. That's science for you folks, unless a miracle happens, smoke will not kill me. I pity you decendants of Europe.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

I smoked like three bowls of hookah today it was great, the Portugal-Netherlands game today was amazing, they were almost kicking the crap out of each other. 3 red cards and like 15 yellow cards.

So I forgot to mention this, but the mullet is really big in Europe, at least 1 of every 4 guys has one and I predict that this trend will soon continue on to America.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Oh Lebanon, the midway point of my trip

England was what England is, I`ve never really liked the place. Everyone there is so arrogant and patriotic, everything is old fashioned and I love technology so its annoying. Also, its ridiculously expensive, everything costs twice as much as it would in Cali.

The people there dont take care of themselves and everyone looks like hell and the way they talk is so ugly. It sounds nice in America, but when you actually go there its a disgusting language. So Im glad to be out.

This keyboard is so difficult, thats why I havent been using apostrophes. Im going to rewrite this line in the way I would normally type.

This keyboqrd is so difficult; thqts zhy I hqvenùt been using qpostrophes: Iù, going to rezrite this line the zqy I zould nor,qlly type:

Thats what I have to adapt to.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Just got back from France and I just want to say that George and I conquered that beast of a country. I don't think I've ever walked that much in my life.

We saw the Louvre (lube), the Eiffel Tower (f'n Eiffel), the Arc De Triumph (Triumph), the Notre Dame (twin towers) and we walked down Champs d'e Ellyses (champs).

The subway system was so easy to manage. Take a color to a dot and you end up at a monument. Genius, we need to have one of those in L.A.

Lube was amazing, we saw the craziest statues I've ever seen and we saw the Venus De Milo and the Mona Lisa. We also saw Napolean's Apartments, he had a very small bed and a very nice gold room. The rest was a lot of pots and the same rug I swear my grandma has.

During this time I had a crepe.

Twin Towers wasn't bad, we didn't want to pay the catholic church to climb up them so we just walked around the middle, saw some cool stained glass and lots of candles.

F'n Eiffel was so tiring. We accidentally bought the wrong tickets and had to climb up the bastard. It was about 700 steps to the middle. Then we took the elevator the rest of the way up. We then had to climb back down from the middle. My legs were involuntarily shaking by the time I was done. The view was amazing though.

We then decided to go sleep for the night since we couldn't walk. We found the sketchiest hotel room for 40 euros, but decided we didn't want herpes and decided to go somewhere a tad bit nicer. This "nicer" place didn't have hot water, a running toilet and a sink that spat out water sporadically, but it was a place to sleep. I'm scared to think of what we would've encountered at the cheaper place.

We then woke up and went to conquer Triumph which resulted in more walking and climbing stairs. Triumph looks much nicer on the outside compared to the inside, but nonetheless we beat him and threw him to the curb.

After that we walked down Champs and just kinda looked around. It's pretty much the South Coast Plaza of France. We just killed a lot of time here going into shops and what not, very fun.

I then had a Pizza Souffle, it was delicious.

Then we hopped onto the Euro Star and came back to England.

France has been my favorite part of the trip so far. The food was great, the women were goddesses compared to England and Spain and being around so many tourists was pretty comforting.

So much fun, and tomorrow night I leave for Lebanon, the land of hookah, discounts and chillin.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Woo woo, I'm back in England, George's uncle booked me a ticket on the wrong date so we got way held up at the airport and then our plane was delayed for 6 hours so we had a little camping pow wow in the terminal.

I finished reading Ishmael yesterday, another philisophical book, but I didn't like it as much as Island. I wasn't too impressed by the author's arguments and the whole philosophy was very western and he kinda sounded like a tree-hugger. I prefer eastern philosophy because it's a little more abstract and it fits better within a book in my opinion.

So Spain was really fun, my favorite day was when I went in to Alicante and just explored the city on my own. I really love big cities. I ended up wandering into a 16th century church that had an art exhibit with tons of old Christian art. It was amazing. I couldn't read the information they had up about each piece, but it was nice just to admire everything.

As for the people we went with, George was himself and I'm used to him, I didn't enjoy George's cousin Dan's company too much. He was a stereotypical macho man, kinda like some of California's frat boys, just not they type of person I would hang out with. His friends Andy and Chris were so much fun. Chris is a lawyer and he's super sarcastic and witty and Andy is very clever and quick and they would both always make fun of Dan and poke jabs at him, it was so fun.

So here's my Spain rundown:
-Driving was so much fun
-The city was amazing
-The sun didn't go down till 9 p.m. so I had lots of tanning time
-Very relaxing
-Andy and Chris were amazing
-Got through 3 books

-Didn't really go on too many adventures
-Dan was a downer
-Beach wasn't too nice
-No good looking girls

Interesting things
-I saw more soccer in those ten days, than I have in my whole life
-No one wants American Currency
-I've learned how Rugby is played and how to make Egg's in a Basket

Yup so now I'm in England for a couple days, we're going to London tomorrow to explore and then I'm off to France for a couple days then back to England =)


Friday, June 16, 2006

What do you call a Chinese guy that drives an airplane?

A pilot, you racist bastard!

So I went on a mission from hell today. For the past three days George and I have been trying to exchange our American Dollars into Euros. The most wanted currency in the world and no one in Spain wants to exchange. So I went on a hunt again today and the adventure bug kicked in and I ended up driving about 50 km to a city called Alicante where I am now.

It´s this nice downtown area where I´m about to go walk around, shop and what not and luckily I found a place to exchange my money, woo woo!

I´m super excited that I got to come here and I think this might be my favorite part of the trip so far. Two more days in Spain and I´m back to England.

I finished reading Diary in two days... Amazing book, I totally recommend it to everyone, very twisted and it talks a lot about the power of art. Very interesting, I loved it. So yeah read it if you get the chance. Chuck Palahniuk is an amazing writer, I´ve loved all his books so far and I think I´m gonna read Inivisble Monster when I get back to America.

Send me an email or myspace me if you guys are in the mood, woo woo

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

So we went to bar yesterday and I was the designated driver =), we walk in and black eyed peas is playing. I look over at the dj and it´s this like 50 year old lady with short red hair mixing music. She even had the headphones on one ear and everything, it was hilarious.

Things have been going good here, I just shed my skin from being burnt before I came here and now I´m getting a good tan going. It´s nice not being blinding white anymore.

I´ve kinda been getting homesick, or maybe I just need some change of scenery, but iono I miss everyone.

Just finished reading "Island". It was a good book, very deep and philisophical and it made me question my perception on a lot things, but it was a lot to take in. I´m gonna start reading "Diary" next. Chris mentioned a lot of great sounding books to me, but sadly I couldn´t find them at the bookstore before I left so I kinda just took some guesses, I can´t wait to read the books when I get back though.

So yeah, so far it´s been me, my cuz, his cuz and his cuz´s two friends. Five of us total, they´re all like big rugby players and they´re into sports and I´m not so I almost feel a bit left out, but it´s still chill and relaxing. Lots of beach and pool. I want to explore Spain more, but we´ll see.

Until next time...

Saturday, June 10, 2006

I'm at a bar in Spain right now on the internet, this is great.

Yesterday's quote of the day brought to you by George's Uncle.

"You're going to see a lot of tits in Spain, don't get hard on the beach"

That old man is hilarious, anyway, Spain has been chill, We've just been relaxing and enjoying ourselves, it's pretty nice to not have any worries, I also got to drive around in a focus. I was pretty excited.

Anyways, I don't know how much internet access I'll have so I might dissappear for a while, but we'll see I guess...

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Yay I made it to England and I leave for Spain tomorrow. Right now we're at George's Family's house. His uncle is almost exactly like his dad for those of you who know him, so hilarious.

The flight was pretty blah, we played games and watched movies. I really recommend Lucky Number Sleven. Really good movie, I give it an 8 out of 10.

I didn't get much sleep on the flight due to some inconsiderate parents allowing their daughter to cry her eyes out for the last 5 hours and disrupt everyone else on the plane. I wanted to walk up to them, punch the parents and take out the child's vocal chords.

well yeah I didn't get much reading done which kinda sucks, but oh well, hopefully I'll be reading on the Spain's beaches, hehe, anyways I miss all of you guys already, see you in a month!

p.s. Just to let you guys know, gas in England is 12 dollars a gallon right now, so be happy with what you have people... pound it £££

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

So this is my last post from America.

I'll be in the air in 5 hours, woo woo, I'm so excited

This is my reading list for the trip:

Island by Aldous Huxley
Diary by Chuck Palahnuik
Ishmael by Daniel Quinn
1984 by George Orwell (I never read this in hs and I really want to now)

anyways, if you guys are bored go here and see what your sex IQ is

It'll even show you mine if you're curious, enjoy


Thursday, June 01, 2006

Yup, I'm leaving on the seventh of June to Europe. I'll keep you guys updated here, so come visit me to hear what I'm doing for the next month.

I will come back disappointed if I don't...
1. End up deported
2. End up in jail
3. Blow something up

We'll see though, I'm not promising anything...